Kaleemah Morse  |  NJ/NY/CA

Formally Known as "Leemer"

All I've ever wanted to do was inspire the art community with my plenty ideas and vibrant art. Being Self-Taught with the help of Art Institute of Hollywood and Otis College of Art and Design, really helped me explore my creativity without limits.

From Digital and Film Portraits to Graphic Design, I obtain skills of many genres. I've taken pictures at Fashion Week, Backstage at Day N' Night Music Festival, and for numerous Musicians, Models, and Influencers. I have the eye to capture moments and the beauty of everything and everyone. Whether it is illustrations/Collages, Photographs, or Design in general. 

Currently curating Perfectly Well-Manneredhttps://www.perfectlywellmannered.com

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Instagram @Kaleemahmorse

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